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Lounge | Gaming | Cereal Bar

Come join us for food, gaming, and socializing!

Why spend money on a new game each month, when we download all new releases on the first day it comes out!

We are Little Rock’s first gaming lounge that offers a variety of games for you and your friends to come get your competitiveness on. This is a unique experience you have to come try for yourself. From the setup to the lounge chairs and the cereal bar in the back, YES a CEREAL BAR!

People ask us, “So what is this place? What’s the value in this? I can play games at home in my underwear.” We also hear, “Oh, so it’s a modern day arcade!”

Although those things are certainly true, what we actually sell here is friendship. Yes, we know that sounds corny. Our ultimate goal is to bring the community together through a love of gaming; and to give people the opportunity to meet others with the same interests. Bring all of your friends when new games are released and enjoy this elegant atmosphere while competing with other gamers!

Up until now, if you were in a PC gaming guild, you had to play from separate homes. Now you can play as a group, sit at one of our round tables, and actually talk to the people you play with…IN PERSON!

Up until now, there really was no venue for video game tournaments. People got together in their basements, and had to drag their equipment there to do it. We ARE the venue.

Up until now, there was limited opportunity for people to enjoy cosplay without fear of being bullied. We ARE the opportunity, and we strictly enforce our No Bullying Policy.

At Spec Ops Gaming Lounge, You can play any of our games, and play on any of our accounts for less than the price of one new game per month… and make new friends while doing it.

Not to mention we also make a killer bowl of cereal, come in and see our cereal bar area in the back, you won’t be disappointed 🙂